WordPress Websites

A wordpress is a PHP framework, there are over hundreds of people all over the world who are working on it. It is free to be used by anybody. WordPress is completely customizable and can be used for anything. Earlier it was just a blogging system, but now it has evolved to be used as a full content management system. With WordPress you can build a blog, a website, or both. ITG Consulting Pvt. Ltd. offers wordpress websites to our clients at affordable prices in the market.

ITG Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is well-known name in the field of web designing and development, whether it is a basic website, an e-commerce website, wordpress website or a flash website. WordPress has thousands of plug-ins, widgets, and themes; it is limited only by your imagination. We provide custom built website according to your requirements. We have experienced professionals in web designing and development to give international recognition in the market.

Using WordPress as a Website

Today WordPress has emerged as an amazingly powerful content management system that is FREE; it is highly useful for small or medium businesses which are looking for an easy way to manage their website. It is optimized for easily publishing, changing content and thus getting good search engine rankings for which fresh and unique content is required. You require a system that allows you to update new article or newsletter on your website easily.

It is optimized for easily publishing and changing content. And getting good search engine rankings require fresh and unique content. You need a system that does not get in your way when you want to update your website with a new article or newsletter.

why is WordPress a good choice?

  • SEO: WordPress is optimized as per search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, it is easy to get high ranks over the search engine. There are a few changes you need to make, but there are many seo benefits that WordPress provides for free.
  • Content: It is easy to update content on your website without having full knowledge about HTML. You don’t require any help from the webmaster to make a small change to your website. You can easily create new pages or edit existing pages using a simple rich text editor, once you have set-up wordpress for you.
  • Extensions: There are free design themes and plug-ins, or the ability to extend your website with polls, contact forms, ratings or hundreds of other cool features without having to hire a web developer. Some of the top extensions are WPtouch, jetpack, WP super cache, BuddyPress, wicket twitter widget.
  • Auto Save: All the posts gets saved automatically.
  • Support: It’s easy to find support and solution to your problems or if you want to add some custom features. There are thousands of WordPress developers available, you can contact us, and we will help you in your problem.

Whether you want a new site, convert an existing site, or need your site created into tip-top shape, you’re at the right place.