Windows Mobile Applications Development

In the race of Smartphones, the windows mobile has its own place in the market; it gives the power of Microsoft windows right in your palm. With windows mobile, the users can browse the internet, access e-mails, keep track on schedules, contact and manage other business documents using softwares like Microsoft office, outlook and windows live. Windows mobile is a compact operating system and the devices that run on windows mobile include pocket PCs, smart phones, portable media centers etc.

ITG Consulting Pvt. Ltd. provides custom windows mobile application development services for business and development. Our dedicated developers help achieving the business goals, ensuring success with thorough technical consulting and selecting the best platform for project implementation.

Why windows mobile application development with us?

  • We have a professional team of programmers for windows application development.
  • Our expert developers create easy to use applications.
  • The applications offer better productivity as it is amalgamated with .net framework.
  • We offer flexibility in various other development platforms.
  • Strong cutthroat edge
  • Improved security for our clients.
  • We elaborate on implementation of your ideas to deliver you complete box software.
  • We provide ongoing support for the developed PDA applications.

ITG Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is a technically sound and experienced windows mobile application development company, equipped with the latest mobile application trends and technology for complete contemporary mobile solutions. Our expert developers carry an extensive experience and strong skills in mobile software development technology and latest techniques and always find the most appropriate solution for custom mobile applications development. We address all the specific requirements of our clients by thoroughly understanding their needs.

We created an application named HSS Hire for windows mobile phones. This application is built for car rental companies, for Tourism industry & for Logistics Company. HSS Hire is a national supplier of tools, equipments car hire and related services. HSS Hire provides complete equipment management and hire services to big companies, trade and DIY customers. Thus the purpose of developing this application is to manage the services and their business through mobile phone. This application allows checking the tools status before delivering / collecting / exchanging to the customer. The tools like vehicle registration, oil level, water level, tyre pressure, mirrors, PPE kit, and many other parts of tools.

This application is capable of downloading new versions whenever it is available. When the employee signs in, the application automatically checks for the updated data from the server. Once the data is uploaded by employee, it automatically sends to the server.