Site Analysis

Site analysis is a task of observing every aspect of a website including content, navigation links, size, customer service and design. The web experts at ITG Consulting Pvt. Ltd. undergo thorough study of the website; they evaluate a client’s website against several key criteria, which are generally customized for each website. These criteria are content, navigation, links, look and feel, functionality, alignment, customer service and design. We create keyword research and analysis, competitor’s site analysis, check ranking and link popularity.

The sole purpose of conducting Site Analysis is to reach at a conclusion which in turn helps in producing quality recommendation that can substantially improve the effectiveness of website and experience of its targeted audience. We check that the website is available 24/7 in the global market, loading time of the website is less so that the visitors need not wait for a longer time.

We at ITG Consulting Pvt. Ltd. provide high value service that:

  • Delivers actionable recommendations to improve site quality.
  • Helps to maintain the standard and the quality in increasing competitive industry.
  • To evaluate the efforts made on website development.
  • Helps ensure adherence to online best practices.
  • Helps prevent common errors in Website development.