Blackberry Application for scanning QR codes

We recently developed an app for the Blackberry/ Android platform to be able to scan QR codes.

When any organization wants to sell their tickets of their events through online and want to make sure that no duplicity of Tickets is there or no fake Tickets comes into market, then Barcode scanning through phones can be pretty cost effective.

On the date of event viewer will bring their tickets and there will be Barcode on that Ticket. This application is already installed on the compatible phones (Android/ Blackberry) of authorize checker, and then through the camera of the phone, organization can check the validity of the Ticket. Authorize person will open the camera of the phone and bring phone near to the Ticket, and then phone will automatically scan the barcode of the Ticket and prompt the date of validity of the Ticket. Also with the details of the Ticket like User Name, Date of Expiry etc.

When the scanning of the Ticket is going on, this application will also update it to the server that this Ticket has been used once. So that duplicity of Ticket is never happened.

This app was primarily targeted to the entertainment business where an organization will be able to scan tickets validity LIVE. The status of the tickets (valid / invalid) is reflected immediately and the time of the entry from any location is updated on the server LIVE.

The purpose of developing this application is to reduce hardware involved in scanning Barcodes.

This application will reduce the cost involved in scanning tickets.

This application will speed up the process of scanning.

  • Scan 2D barcodes tickets live in entertainment business.
  • Works both online and offline at multiple entrance points.
  • Find and check-in ticket buyers who arrive without their tickets.
  • Track your ticket scans with real-time attendance stats.
  • Fast barcode recognition – 1 to 2 seconds per scan.
  • Voice search
  • Check out and re-entry mode
  • Works on both Blackberry and Android mobile devices.