Blackberry Application Development

Blackberry is a wireless mobile device, which is used by millions of people around the world to access their e-mail accounts, corporate data to stay connected with their colleagues, partners and clients while they are away from workplace. Blackberry’s scope lies beyond emails; it can be used for operational services like customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, order entry, internet access, instant messenger and many other tools and applications. They are used for making urgent and important decisions quickly.

At ITG Consulting Pvt. Ltd., our experience and knowledge in blackberry application development allows us to deliver off-the-shelf and cost effective applications to boost connectivity and provide great multimedia user experience. The applications we design are unique, rich, flexible and secured; we also create custom-built applications to meet the client’s needs and requirements.

End-to-end solution with our niche skills set:

  • We have a competent programming team that focuses exclusively in mobile solutions.
  • We offer best class solution to our clients from diverse industrial background as we have Rich experience in development of Blackberry mobile Applications.
  • Our solutions and services are modernized and best suited for the requirements of our clients, our skills in blackberry application development helps in achieving the desired business goals.
  • We take full responsibility of delivering high quality and cost effective output to our clients to give them desired results according to their needs.
  • Our clients can track the progress of the project at any time as we provide a regular mode of communication between the client and the team.
  • Our Blackberry Application Developers provide 24/7 technical support to our clients.
  • Before starting up a long term project for blackberry application development, we make a close analysis of the needs and requirements and keep a check on project updates and deliveries with our technical team.

We recently developed a blackberry application for scanning QR codes. When any organization wants to sell their tickets of their events online and want to make sure that no duplicity of Tickets is there or no fake Tickets comes into market, then Bar code scanning through phones can be pretty cost effective. On the date of the event, the visitor will bring the ticket having a barcode. This application is already installed on the blackberry phone of the authorized checker, through the camera of the phone; the checker can check the validity of the ticket. He will get to know the details of visitor like username, date of expiry, etc.

When the ticket scanning is going on, this application will also update it to the server that the ticket has been used once, thus duplicity of the tickets is not possible. This application is primarily targeted to the entertainment business where an organization will be able to scan the validity of the tickets LIVE. The status of the tickets (valid/invalid) is reflected immediately at the time of the entry. The purpose of developing this application is to

  • Reduce hardware involved in scanning tickets.
  • Reduce the cost involved in scanning tickets.
  • Speed up the process of scanning.
  • It works on both blackberry and android mobile phones.

ITG Consulting Pvt. Ltd. can be the right choice for your Blackberry Application Solutions; our applications will attract everybody’s attention for their ingenuity and usability. Our team always focuses on technical excellence that delivers business value. If you need a specialized blackberry application development, you can rely on our team to convert your ideas into a successful product.